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April 4, 2013




Evoland was released on Steam on April 4, 2013. It is an adventure / RPG game and a history lesson all rolled into one. The story of action adventure gaming as seen in the Zelda or Final Fantasy series, starting with the early age of action RPGs, when a few pixels were enough to make us dream for hours. New players will discover a bit of video game history and a very fun gameplay, and veterans will also enjoy a host of references to legendary titles scattered along the game.

Evoland Classic was originally created by Nicolas Cannasse for a Ludum Dare competition in about 30 hours. Turns out the game won the first place (out of around 1400 games) and quickly reached over 300 000 players within a couple of months.


The game begins with the player taking the role of Clink a parody of link and cloud, starting of in some plains in a Gameboy-esque. Due to the screens current size the player can only move right, this has to be done in order to reach a chest that is further left which then grants them the ability to move in four directions.

The player then comes across several chests that give the game a 8-bit colour style, adds enemies, give the player access to a sword and brief but comical 'story', which is shortly followed by gaining free movement which allows the player to enter a plain area that is eventually populated by a village. the player is unable to exit due to being a child at this point so they have to find a seed which makes them grow older in the bottom of a well which allows them to leave the village.

In the plains the player is introduced to real-time battles (akin to the older final fantasy titles) and they eventually enter a forced battle where they meet a Kaeris (a parody of Aerith from final fantasy), her play style in real time battles is the polar opposite of the player's, that being on that excells in magic rather than brute strength.

After being told of their 'destiny' the player then goes through a cave in order to try and get the help of your partners crystal. After beating the boss the player is then moved into the 3D stage of graphics.